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K whose registered center is in Istanbul and has the vision of "To be the most undrestanding and meeting their personal requirements, product needs and service expectations of people in the world, now has taken its place among the leading cosmetic firms in the world.KARATAŞ KOZMETİK has adopted the quality as unchangable value since it was established, and has succeeded to take a place in the Turkish cosmetic market through its innovative and professional service understanding.KARATAŞ KOZMETİK commits itself to introduce the best cosmetic innovation in terms of quality, impact and safety for men and women all over the world. KARATAŞ KOZMETİK, which is loyal to its principles, respectful to human health and nature and open to technology and innovations, pursues the global trends closely.It aims to take its quality to indisputable levels with meticulous studies that were applied in every stage of production in its R&D and quality control laboratories